You will get regular opportunities to update your knowledge and skills in breast imaging and will have professional co-operation with leaders in this specialty.


The fellowship in breast imaging in India includes training in all aspects of breast imaging and interventions. You are expected to participate in multidisciplinary meetings and actively involve in academic and research activities.


Breast Imaging Society, India pledges to spread awareness about early detection of breast cancer. Our major aim to highlight the importance of early diagnosis for women.

BISI Response Statement to Social Media Misconceptions on Screening Mammography


In Switzerland, mammography has not been banned in any way and is widely used in the screening and diagnosis of breast cancer; as population based screening in more
than half of the cantons, or as opportunistic screening in the remaining regions.

BISI supports mammography as an important tool for early detection and diagnosis of breast cancer.


The Indian Radiological & Imaging Association-Indian College of
Radiology & Imaging (IRIA-ICRI), Breast Imaging Society, India
(BISI) & Association of Breast Surgeons INDIA (ABSI):

Do not extend their support for using breast
thermography/infrared imaging with or without AI of the breast
as a screening tool for the primary detection of breast cancer or
as an adjunctive diagnostic tool for detection of breast cancer.

Themolytix is application of AI to Thermography and we have invited Professor Dr. Jean Seeley Section Head Breast Imaging in the University of Ottawa to shed light on Thermography as a technique and to review this article – “Observational Study to Evaluate the Clinical Efficacy of Thermolytix for Detecting Breast Cancer in Symptomatic & Asymptomatic Women”, which has raised a lot interest and hope in the public domain as a viable accurate alternative for X ray Mammography .You will be able to judge for yourself after hearing the expert comments of Dr. Seeley in our online Journal Club in our Metaverse series of Online education.

Welcome to the Breast Imaging Society, India
Message From President

I am deeply honoured to have been elected as the president of our prestigious Breast Imaging Society, India. It is my great pleasure and proud privilege that I have been given this responsibility of BISI at its 10th Anniversary. As I have been a member for a long time, I have seen the Society’s steady growth because of the hard works of all of its past presidents, office bearers and incredibly dedicated & enthusiastic members.

I have every confidence that the new Council will lead BISI to even greater heights by collaborating amicably and productively with both experienced and junior BISI members. We shall continue to host the academic feasts that our society has been providing to fulfil the main objective of the society i.e. promotion of world class breast imaging practice and to provide better care for our patients. India is falling behind in two areas: breast cancer screening and high-quality research. We would strive to address these shortcomings and expand upon these scenarios.

Dr. Prem Kumar

Message From General Secretary

I am delighted to serve as the General Secretary of the Breast Imaging Society, India, until 2025, embracing this responsibility with a profound commitment to uphold the principles that have defined BISI throughout its existence. From its inception in 2013 to 2023, the society has been a catalyst in revolutionizing Breast Imaging practices across India, leaving an indelible mark on the field.

BISI’s decade-long journey witnessed the successful cultivation of a renewed interest among radiologists, inspiring them to pursue dedicated fellowships in Breast Imaging both within India and overseas. Rooted in a commitment to academic excellence, every BISI member embodies the passion that characterizes our niche specialty. Working in synergy under the adept leadership of our President, Dr. Prem Kumar, and alongside proficient members of the Executive and Governing Councils, my objective is to amplify this passion further.

Dr. Madhavi Chandra
General Secretary


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