Breast Ultrasound

Let’s tell breast cancer to step aside

Breast Ultrasound

Ultrasound, also known as ultrasonography, is an imaging method in which high-frequency sound waves are used to create images of blood vessels, tissues, and organs including the breast. Breast ultrasound is often used to evaluate breast abnormalities that are found during mammography or a clinical breast exam. Women who have dense breasts on mammogram are also candidates for a correlative ultrasound.

There are no data to establish that annual screening with ultrasound (in women without symptoms) will reduce deaths from breast cancer and hence, screening with ultrasound is not backed with evidence

In young women, who have symptoms (pain/lump) related to the breast, ultrasound is the first imaging investigation to be performed. This may be followed up with a mammogram or breast MRI depending upon the sonography results.

No specific preparation is required for a breast ultrasound. It can be performed anytime during the menstrual cycle.